Ugly Girl, Sweet Nectar


After spending a lifetime of living a secluded life, Alessa journals her experiences as she embarks on a quest to live a more colorful life of “Shoulds” instead of “Should Nots”. She courageously emerges from her hermit cave and re-enters the dating scene when a rude awakening unexpectedly detours her journey down a path of self-reflection to examine her character flaws, self-image issues, and what caused them.

Compelled to find answers, Alessa digs deep to unearth her past, and discovers a scathing childhood of abuse and trauma. At the same time, she is faced with the seemingly impossible duty of taking care of the abusers – her parents. Both suffer from rare and merciless diseases. With the help of her best friend, some random acquaintances, and a few auspicious fortune cookies, Alessa learns to heal herself, and finds the fortitude needed to forgive her parents so she can see them through their illnesses to the bitter end.

Entwining pain, strength, and humor, Ugly Girl, Sweet Nectar is an inspirational and intimate story about the power of survival, forgiveness, and resilience. It candidly explores the devastating effects of childhood trauma on the human spirit; how it shapes one’s emotional life as an adult, and subconsciously affects every aspect of it – relationships, parenting, body image, and more. It speaks unflinching truth to the turbulent process of healing, and how the process can repair even the most unimaginable wounds.

My thoughts….

Written in the form of an almost memoir, based on true life but also a work of fiction.  However you would describe the genre/type of book – I thought it was a highly emotional read!  Our heroine Alessa journals her early lifetime experiences which gives us an insight into the hows and whys of her now introverted and almost secluded lifestyle.  Alessa decides to get herself out there but finds it difficult to at first.  

I love the way this has been written – present time with the journal entries being written to give us a view of her past.  At different times of the book I found it to be happy, sad, funny, infuriating and at other times disturbing.  

A first for me from D.D. Kaye, I found this to be very well written and a truly beautiful story overall.  Highlighted to me the importance of love, acceptance, forgiveness and beliefs.  

Would highly recommend.  ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

I was gifted a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. Thank you D.D. Kaye and @booktasters for allowing me to review.

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